How To Evangelize

Jesus instructed His disciples to go and make disciples of all nations. To complete this task, Christians must evangelize, or bring the “good news,” to everyone they meet. You don’t need a pulpit to evangelize. You don’t need to be ordained to witness.  Just begin, here are a few steps.


Step 1
Pray. It’s only by spending time with God that you can accurately represent the good news of the gospel.

Step 2
Know the scriptures. Read, study, meditate on and memorize passages from the Bible.

Step 3
Join a strong faith community that support you by  giving fellowship, advice and correction.

Building Relationships

Step 1
Meet people and get to know them. Ask them about their interests, how they arrived at their current place in life and where they hope to go.

Step 2
Talk to others about your own life. When this involves the specifics of how you live as a Christian, it is called a witness.

Step 3
Share your witness. Such as where you attend church. How God delivered you from situations.

Step 4
Put yourself in a position to answer questions. By witnessing in small ways, your friends will start to identify you with your faith. If they don’t understand a Christian belief or a practice of yours, they may ask questions.

Step 5
Use this opportunity to share more of your witness. Be sure to share the parts relevant to the question you were asked. Allow another person to share. This will help you focus your word to meet their needs.

Step 6
Learn how to set the foundations for Christianity and continue your spiritual growth, read, fast and pray.