Prayer for Church Leaders

Father, we declare every weapon of mass destruction and missiles of the enemy is instantly quenched and destroyed, in Jesus Name over your church, pastors and families.  No weapon formed against them shall prosper.  We decree that the Body of Christ will fulfill its ordained assignment in the Earth. We put a halt to every spirit assigned to undermine, destroy covenant relationship and abort divine purpose for ministries.

We bind and nullify sickness, infirmity, death, lack, weariness, frustration and discouragement. We decree that pastors and leaders vision will live and not die; they will be strong and courageous. We destroy every plan, plot and scheme of the enemy in Jesus name.

Let pastors and all church leaders walk in truth, holiness and righteousness. Let wisdom cover their mind and heart.  Let your presence saturate them. Hide them in the secret place. Let a fresh wind of your anointing falls afresh upon pastors and leaders to build and restore your house and people. Keep them from scandal. Let them know when to rest and protect them from sickness, weariness, frustration.  Allow the weight of your glory to rest upon them. Deliver them from pride, and self-important look. Let them walk in their due season. Let favor, blessing and strength to be their portion.

Spiritual Warfare
Satan, we command you to release God’s leaders. They are delivered from captivity, bondage and stronghold in their mind, will and emotion. We nullify, cancel and opposed all satanic operations, strategies, tactic, plots, plans designed to prevent leaders and individuals from fulfill a Kingdom purpose. We bind all spiritual manipulation, domination, divination and witchcraft from operating in and through leaders for abuse and misused of your peoples.

We release the spirit of truth, honesty, true gifting and anointing. Release the spirit of the repairer to mend the breaches and build the wasted places in your people’s lives.