Prophetic Minstrel

“And Elisha said…But now bring me a minstrel and it came to pass, when the minstrel played, the hand of the Lord came upon he…And he said, Thus saith the Lord… “ (2 Kings 3:14-16)

Minstrel is another name for musician.  As the musician played it stirred Elisha and he started to prophesy. What ignites your prophetic flow? I’ve noticed certain types of music can stir or activate one’s anointing, thus, maximizing the prophetic flow. I have noticed over the years when a musician plays a certain sound it stirs and activate the prophetic flow and  releases spontaneous, songs, worship, praise and even warfare beats.

Music is an instrumental sound with rhythm, melody and harmony.  Music was used to make merry the celebration of the prodigal son returning home. (Luke 15:25) Celebrate victories; Miriam and other women sang, danced, and played timbrel when the Israelites escaped the Egyptians. Ex. 15:20. Music calms the soul. King David was called to soothe Saul with music (1 Sam. 16:16-23).

Music and singing is an excellent tool for releasing the prophetic word of the Lord and His power. You might begin by speaking in your heavenly language, even though you don’t understand it; creating a harmony in spirit, soul and body, which releases the anointing power of God. Music has the ability to take your mind and emotions and will and bring them to flow together at the same time creating unity.

Your whole spirit, soul and body begin to vibrate with the very power of God when His glory begins to fall upon you.

Last Modified on March 14, 2016
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